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GTXImage CAD™ View

GTXImage CAD View The New GTXImage CAD View 2018 product has been developed to allow users to View, edit and mark up scanned image files along with Autodesk .dwg files.
The GTXImage CAD View 2018 is built on the AutoCAD 2018 OEM engine so it will support all AutoCAD .dwg file formats along with PDF, tiff, Cals, CG4 and G4 image formats.

The New GTXImage CAD View, contains many enhancements that help the user to modify and enhance CAD files as well as scanned raster archives with the speed and flexibility of the latest and best, vector and raster editing techniques.

File Viewing - View multiple file formats all at the same time.
Supported File Formats - This includes Autodesk .dwg, .PDF, .tiff, .Cals, .CG4 and many more supported file formats that can be viewed.
Easy to learn, easy to use - GTXImage CAD View are powered by Autodesk 2018 OEM Engine. This easy to use user interface allows novice and existing AutoCAD users to be immediately productive.
Scanned Image cleanup - Quickly clean the scanned raster image with our AutoClean commands as well as deskew, despeckle and crop. Or, erase any part of the image, with raster erase command. Then draw CAD vectors or raster entities over the top of the image.
CAD Viewing - Complete two-dimensional CAD functionality is provided with support for existing DWG/DXF drawing files, including those created in the AutoCAD 2018 down through 2008 format. Complex CAD entities such as lines, arcs, circles and text can easily be created and or modified. Users can even modify multiple raster and vector layers including creating revision clouds and text notes.
File Association GTXImage CAD View will associate your .CG4, .CALS, .TIFF and .dwg files so all you need to do is double click on the image file or select "Open With" and your will get the option to select GTXImage CAD View.

GTXImage CAD View 2018 - Click the link for more information about the New GTXImage CAD View 2018 product.

Software Licensing

GTX is proud to offer Flexera FLEXENABLED software licensing for the GTXImage CAD View 2018. Software licensing is available in a single user, standalone version and a network, floating license for multiple users. Installation of standalone software licensed GTXImage CAD View is dedicated to a particular personal computer (whereas a hardware lock licensed installation is portable from computer to computer). The networked floating software license is distributed from a License Server System, which is dedicated to a particular computer. Access to a floating GTX software license is then available to any personal computer that shares a common network with the License Server System.

Product Features

Image Management

Import :- Imports files of different formats into the current drawing.
Point Cloud Attach
Open :- Opens an existing drawing file.
gCreate :- Creates a new raster image.
gAttach :- Loads or attaches a raster image.
gPDFATTACH :- Extracts all images from the PDF and attaches them ready to be edited.
gDetach :- UNLoads or detaches a raster image.
Save :- Saves the drawing under the current file name or a specified name.
gSave :- Saves the currently selected raster image.
gPDFSAVE :- Saves all your selected raster images to a PDF.
Plot :- Plots a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file.

Markup and Editing Comamnds

Single Line Text :- Creates a single-line text object.
Revision Cloud :- Creates a revision cloud using a polyline.
Line :- Creates straight line segments.
gTurn :- Quickly Turns the active image by a multiple of 90 degrees.
gAclean :- Automatically cleans and deskews the current image.
gCrop :- Deletes all raster data outside a specified rectangular window.
gDeskew :- Deskews the current image.
gErase :- Erases selected raster.
gText :- Draws raster Text in the current image.
gLine :- Draws a raster line in the current image.
Layer Properties :- Create and Manage layers in your current drawing

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