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SHINING Desktop 3D Scanners

SHINING3D Scanning Technology, the New Generation Desktop 3D Scanner.
Versatile, Easy & Fast, Fine Details

EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP Desktop 3D Scanner

The Next Generation of EinScan Desktop 3D Scanner EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP, Maximize Your 3D Scanning Capability on Your Desktop Shining 3D Introduces the EinScan-SE (Elite) and EinScan-SP (Platinum), with unique different specifications to meet most applications’ requirement, like education, design & art, digital industry, archiving and sharing.

EinScan SE

A Powerful Companion for Desktop 3D Printing Applications.
The Next Innovative Desktop 3D Scanner Easiest 3D Scanning Experience for Non-technical Users.


Time needed for a single scan: EinScan-SE 8 s, EinScan-SP 4 s.
Time needed for a 360-degree scan under auto-scan mode: EinScan-SE 2 mins, EinScan-SP 1 min.


Structured light 3d scanning technology, great power of reconstruction the real geometry of the object with fine detail.

EinScan SP

Ensures Designers Access to a Fast, Accurate & Reliable 3D Digital Experience
Faster Scanning & Higher Accuracy
EinScan-SP Provides a Higher Accuracy of 0.05mm for a Single Scan

To view the SHNINING EinScan SE & SP brochure click here

New automatic scanning software

  • Automatic calibration with no rigid set-up required
  • One-click scanning
  • Auto alignment and fusion for direct mesh generation
  • Multiple ways of alignment available in EinScan-SP: markers, turntable markers, feature and manual alignments
  • EinScan-SP provides a higher accuracy of 0.05 mm for a single scan

Scanning Turntable

EinScan Discovery Pack

It adopts the color restoration technology of Ultra-FineTM Hardware ISP video processing engine, to capture a brilliant spectrum of colors and high-fidelity textures, allowing users to get the high accuracy and high resolution 3D data in vibrant color and rich details. It is ideal for virtual reality, online shopping (eCommerce) virtual display, online museum, 3D exhibition and more.

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