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MakerBot 3D Printing Materials are optimized to give you the best results and highest quality with MakerBot 3D Printers. MakerBot Materials for Method are extensively-tested for the highest reliability and measurably accurate parts.

MakerBot METHOD Materials Include: PLA, Tough Precision PLA, PET-G & Nylon

MakerBot METHOD X Materials Include: ABS, ASA, PLA, Tough Precision PLA, PET-G & Nylon

MakerBot METHOD Precision Filament

  • MakerBot True coloured 750gms Precision PLA Filament

    Composed of the purest grade resin available on the market and comprehensively quality tested MakerBot PLA filament reduces downtime and creates the highest quality prints. Available for the MakerBot METHOD & METHOD X 3D printers.
    Colours available: Red, Orange, White, Cool Grey, Black & Natural.

£ 54.65 + VAT & Delivery

  • MakerBot Precision PVA Support Material

    PVA is a water soluble support material that is compatible with many lower temperature model materials such as PLA and PETG.
    Because PVA is water soluble it is very office friendly, and is a great option for printing the most complex geometries in a prototyping environment.

£ 73.15+ VAT & Delivery

  • MAKERBOT Speciality Material Nylon

    Nylon’s ability to withstand high temperatures and it’s durability combine to give it above average abrasion resistance. Thus it is an excellent material for replacement parts in a manufacturing facility or distribution center.
    Colour available: Black.

£ 63.90 + VAT & Delivery

  • MAKERBOT Speciality Material PET-G

    PETG’s chemical resistance makes it a choice material for liquid containers and bottles, which also makes it great for prototyping those types of products. PETG is also commonly used in research labs that require chemical resistance in functional parts or containers.
    Colours available: Red, Black & Natural.

£ 63.90 + VAT & Delivery

  • MAKERBOT Tough Precision 750gms Filament

    Tough is a material that is great for mid-stage prototypes because of its ease of use and office-friendliness. An added benefit over PLA is its durability, pliability, and machinability which makes it perfect for snap fits and assemblies.
    Colours available: Onyx Black, Stone White, Safety Orange & Slate Grey.

£ 63.90+ VAT & Delivery

  • MAKERBOT True ABS Material

    ABS is one of the most popular materials for injection molded consumer products due to its clean surface finish, durability, and heat resistance. METHOD X can print manufacturing-grade ABS without warping and without weakening additives thanks to its 100°C heated chamber.
    Colours available:  Red, Orange, White, Grey & Black.

£ 63.90 + VAT & Delivery

  • MAKERBOT Precision Material ASA

    ASA combines the qualities of ABS with the added benefit of UV resistance and additional moisture resistance making it ideal for equipment exposed to sunlight and rain over long periods of time – such as products for the agriculture, transportation, and power and utility industries.
    Colours available: Red, Black & White.

£ 63.90 + VAT & Delivery

  • Stratasys SR-30 Support Material

    SR-30 is a proprietary material developed by Stratasys to work seamlessly with ABS, ASA, and various other high-temp materials. Because of this focused development, using SR-30 with these typically more challenging materials can yield exceptional results not possible with PVA which is very difficult to use with ABS.

£ 91.66 + VAT & Delivery

MakerBot METHOD & METHOD X Accessories

  • MAKERBOT Model 1 Extruder

    The Performance Extruder for Method is built for high-speed printing without compromising part accuracy. The Model 1 Performance Extruder is optimized for printing with model materials such as MakerBot Precision PLA and MakerBot Precision Tough.

£ 276.85 + VAT & Delivery

  • MAKERBOT Support 2 Extruder

    The Performance Extruder for Method is built for high-speed printing without compromising part accuracy. The Model 2 Performance Extruder is optimized for printing with soluble support material such as MakerBot Precision PVA.

£ 276.85 + VAT & Delivery

    • MAKERBOT METHOD Spring Steel Build Plate

      The Spring Steel Build Plate for the MakerBot Method 3D Printer provides true flatness for unyielding part accuracy.

    £ 91.66 + VAT & Delivery

    • MAKERBOT METHOD Performance Grip Surface - Pack of 3

      The Performance Grip Surface 3-Pack provides 3 Performance Grip Surface sheets for the Spring Steel Build Plate of the MakerBot Method 3D printer. The Performance Grip Surface offers superior adhesion when printing while eliminating warping and curling.

    £ 63.99+ VAT & Delivery

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