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GTX Printer Filament and Accessories

GTX Europe Ltd is pleased to be offering 3D printer Filament for all PLA and ABS 3D Printers. GTX Offer a wide range of colours that support both the MakerBot and Stratasys 3D printers. We are now also supplying a 3rd party Xativa filament. If you need any further information for pricing and availability then please contact us and we will be more than pleased to help.


  • MAKERBOT Smart Extruder
  • Various coloured MakerBot PLA Filament
  • MAKERBOT Small Translucent PLA
  • MAKERBOT Speciality Small Photochromatic PLA
  • MAKERBOT MakerBot Replicator 2 Acrylic Build Plate
  • MAKERBOT Replicator 2 Glass Build Plate
  • MAKERBOT PTFE grease packets


  • STRATASYS Ecoworks Cleaning Agent
  • STRATASYS uPrint P430XL ABS colour Material
  • STRATASYS Mojo QuickPack P430 ABS colour Material
  • STRATASYS uPrint Modeling Bases
  • STRATASYS uPrint Tip Replacement Kit
  • STRATASYS uPrint SR-30XL Soluble Support Material

GTX 3D Filament

  • GTX PLA Filament - 1.75mm - 750g
  • GTX PLA Filament - 2.85mm - 750g
  • GTX ABS Filament - 1.75mm - 750g
  • GTX ABS Filament - 2.85mm - 750g

GTX PLA & ABS Filament support the following 3D Printers:

Printer Make Printer Model Filament Type Filament Diameter
MakerBot All PLA + ABS 1.75mm
BeeCreative BeeCreative PLA 1.75mm
Be3D BeeGreen PLA 1.75mm
DeltaWasp Turbo PLA + ABS 1.75mm
Dynamo 3D Evo PLA + ABS 2.85mm
Davinchi XYZ PLA + ABS 1.75mm
Flashforge Finder PLA 1.75mm
Flashforge Creator Pro PLA + ABS 1.75mm
Flashforge Dreamer PLA + ABS 1.75mm
LulzBot Taz 5 PLA + ABS 2.85mm
MakerGear M2 PLA + ABS 1.75mm
Printrbot V2014 PLA 1.75mm
Printrbot Simple PLA + ABS 1.75mm
Ultimaker 2 All PLA + ABS 2.85 / 3mm
UP! Box PLA + ABS 1.75mm

GTX PLA & ABS Filament should be compatible with all open source printers.

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